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Electrics Liverpool

As a Liverpool electrician we provide many different types of electronic services in Liverpool.

Our electric services include garden lighting, paving & patio lights, decking lights, driveway lights, electronic gates, remote control garage doors,  mobile text control.  

Garden Lighting

We can install all types of garden lights, all weather outdoor lighting & creative garden lighting including underwater lights, spotlights, deck lighting, garden lanterns, recessed lights, led lights, garden bollard lights, rechargeable lights & garden lighting remote controls. For more information about garden lighting, please click here.

Driveway Lighting

Lighting up your driveway has two sides to it, one is that it is for practical use and secondly it is aesthetically pleasing, giving your home curb appeal. Curb appeal is a saying that estate agents invented to show that your home does not only need to look good inside but on the outside too, your home needs to look good from the curb or the pavement.

Electric Gates

Electric gates provide security and privacy to your property. Remote fobs allow you to open and close them when convenient for you. If you are looking for even more convenience then check out our text control.

Remote Control Garage Doors

No one likes to get out of their car in windy or rainy weather or in the middle of the night, just to open the garage door. With a hand transmitter, you can open the garage door quickly, conveniently and safely from your car. Certain garage doors have automatic courtesy lights turn on when the door opens (or via motion sensors) and automatically turn off after a preset time delay. Other advantages include.

Mobile Text Control – Remote Control by Text Message

We have created a new innovative way of turning on garden lighting, turning on water features, opening garden gates and garage doors all by text message.

You can be anywhere in the world and send a text message to your house to turn on a garden or driveway appliance. This is a great way to keep your home secure while you are away.


For more information on our wide range of electrics and garden lighting services, please contact us.

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What Our Customers Say

Many thanks to Abel Landscaping for a great job they did in transforming our drive and front garden. We are delighted with the quality and look of the finished job. Very good service from a highly professional and efficient company. Helpful initial design ideas from Darren with options all priced for us to make the final choice. Work was stated very promptly and afterwards and the exceptionally hard-working, polite and friendly tradesmen managed to complete the whole job in just five days .


Kenneth Lewis