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Brickwork Liverpool

A garden wall encloses your land, creating a boundary around your home.

We have a professional team of bricklayers who are fully qualified with many years experience in all types of brickwork installations. They can carry out any brickwork required, like retaining walls, dwarf walls, boundary walls, garden walls, decorative walls, face brick walls, conservatories, home extensions, garages or any other brickwork features.

Retaining Walls

Retaining walls are used to prevent the soil, sand or water from falling or sliding away from its foundation. It can be constructed from many materials such as timber, concrete and bricks. Our most common retaining wall is a small garden wall holding back raised beds, however, retaining walls can be as big as 10m high if necessary. Retaining walls are different to normal walls as they require thick concrete footings and as the wall is in contact with the earth it will need to be protected by a damp-proof membrane.

Garden Walling

A garden wall is usually only suitable to be built to a height of around 1.2 metres high and 22.5cm wide. We advise customers to have double-skinned walls rather than a single skin wall as they are more stable and will, therefore, last longer, making them a great investment of money.

Face Brick Walling

Face brick walling, also known as visible decorative work, It means, that the outer facing of the wall is non-structural and is tied back to an internal structure. It is simply a brick that is aimed to make the wall look good (also known as visible decorative work). 

Boundary Walls

Boundary walls mark out ownership of land between neighbours. It can also create a private outdoor living space where you can retreat to after work.

Marshalls Garden Walling

Marshalls garden walling products are very popular due to the quality and durability of the blocks. For more information please click here.

Conservatory Installers

A conservatory is usually an extension of the back of your house and is a room having a glass roof and walls. Conservatories are ideal for those looking to create extra space for a sunroom, dining room, breakfast room, family den, workroom or even a kitchen. They are very versatile and allow light and warmth in from the garden while giving you full coverage from the elements.

Where to build your conservatory

Careful consideration should be given to the direction of your proposed conservatory at the planning stage.

Here are conservatory positions according to the light:

  1. North-facing conservatory – This will get slight sun at the start and end of the day and, although it will not overheat in the summer, it could be bitterly cold in the winter.
  2. East-facing conservatory – This will get the sun in the morning so it is ideal for a breakfast room.
  3. South-facing conservatory – This is excellent for catching the sun but will be unbearably hot in the summer with the sun overhead at the hottest time of the day. This would be ideal for a sunroom.
  4. West-facing conservatory – This will get the sun from late afternoon onwards. This would be ideal for a workroom.

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